Be Part of the Team: Unleashing the Power of Volunteering at Blair FC!

At Blair FC, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community, and that includes the incredible support of our volunteers! As a non-profit organization, we rely on the dedication of parents to keep our programs running smoothly and provide a positive experience for all our young players.

How Volunteering Works:

To help cover some of the operational costs associated with running the Academy program, a $100 volunteer deposit check is required per child upon registration. The good news is, this check never needs to be cashed! Here's how it works:

  • Complete Your Volunteer Hours: By contributing just two volunteer hours per child per year (by the end of the Spring season), your deposit check will be happily shredded!
  • Flexible Options to Fit Your Schedule: We understand everyone has busy lives, so we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to choose from. A sign-up sheet will be emailed to all parents and posted on social media roughly two weeks before the season kicks off.

Here's a Sneak Peek at Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Become a Coach or Assistant Coach: Share your passion for the game and directly impact your child's experience by coaching or assisting with their team. This option fulfills all your volunteer hours and can be signed up for during registration.
  • Concessions Stand Superstar: Keep the energy levels high on game days by lending a hand at the concessions stand. Sign up for a convenient 1-hour slot and help fuel the fun!
  • Concessions Donation Champion: Can't make it to the stand in person? Donate pre-packaged snacks or drinks to the concessions and we'll count that towards your volunteer hours (depending on the item's value).
  • Donut Delivery Delight: We all love a pre-game treat! Pick up and deliver 2 dozen donuts for the hungry players and coaches, and score an hour of volunteer credit.
  • Become a Clean-Up Crew Hero: Help maintain a tidy environment for players and spectators by volunteering for bathroom cleaning or field maintenance (think picking up trash and weeds). Each task typically takes about an hour.

Staying Informed: Cancellations and Communication

Life throws curveballs sometimes, and the weather is no exception! Here's how we'll keep you informed in case of Academy cancellations due to cold, rain, or severe weather:

  • Facebook First: We'll post any cancellation updates as soon as possible on our official Blair FC Facebook page.
  • Spreading the Word: Coaches will be notified promptly of any cancellations, and they'll then contact their teams directly to keep everyone informed.

For Tuesday practices, we'll strive to communicate cancellations by 4:00 pm at the latest. For Saturday games, we aim to get the word out by 7:30 am. This way, you can plan your schedule accordingly and avoid any surprises.

By working together as a team, both on and off the field, we can create an amazing soccer experience for all our young athletes at Blair FC. We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer family!